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Kenneth D. Graves

Quantitative and Data Analyst, Investment Management

Hi, I'm Kenneth D. Graves. Welcome to my profile!

Kenneth D. Graves's Bio:

Kenneth D. Graves is an accomplished data scientist and analyst in Information Technology and Finance with over 14 years of experience in data analysis, financial services, investment banking, systems engineering and enterprise management. Superb project management, analysis, teamwork, and communication skills.


His specialties: R Coding/Development, Data Science & Analysis, Valuation, Investment Banking, M&A, Finance, Digital Signage, Audience Data Experience, Audience Tracking, Video, Film, Post-Production Services, Information Technology, Design, Systems Engineering, Media, Web 2.0, Team Management, Server and Network Architecture, Capital Planning and Budgeting, Financial Services, Vendor Negotiation, Cost Accounting, Product Management, Operations and Supply Management

Kenneth D. Graves's Experience:

  • Investment Banking Specialist at Tully and Holland

    Assist in corporate and investment banking operations such as valuation services, data and business analysis, and marketing efforts. Participated in multiple M&A deals from inception to completion, including pitch book and information memorandum construction, due diligence efforts, and client and bidder management. Perform extensive market and data analysis in the consumer and technology sector.

  • Executive Portfolio Manager at Babson College Fund

    Competitively selected by the Babson Trustees Committee to oversee and manage $1.3 million student-run portion of the Babson Endowment. Managed, evaluated, and monitored investment portfolio. Analyzed daily investment activities to ensure the success of portfolio and maximum returns for the Endowment. Coordinated and led weekly sector manager meetings, prepared and presented fund performance reports and created in-depth equity research reports. Analyzed and guided fund's investment strategy and philosophy with a focus on bottom-up stock selection. Outperformed median peer group and benchmark.

  • Director of Hardware and Network Technology at CBS Outernet

    Oversaw product development and the adoption of new technologies to improve operating costs and enable next generation products into new digital media markets. Using Lean Six Sigma techniques created and managed a new product development life cycle that saved over $2.5 million over the last two years. Developed 5,000+ node digital signage networks from architecture, security, video compression schemes and operational support--in both retail and mass transit venues. Led system and network engineering team to meet and surpass all management goals. Assisted in cost analysis, departmental and team budgeting, process improvement and capital planning.

  • Sr. Sytems Engineer at PRN, Inc. (Thomson)

    Managed concurrent system engineering projects from proposal to requirement gathering to design and completion. Built strategic partnerships that enabled long term market positioning within the digital media field. Designed, configured and implemented the PRN core technology platform. Hardware / software sourcing, vendor selection and new technology R&D. On site training at customer headquarters during implementation phase.

  • Manager, IS at Bizfinity, Inc.

    Helped to build world class financial services application covering accounting, ERP and electronic commerce with capacity over 100,000 users. Led full IT and Customer support teams for corporate, development and production. Chief IT manager of award winning internet application design. Built and maintained an enterprise Oracle database and multi-tiered application environment. Designed, built and administered a 24/7 high security data centers and infrastructures based on Cisco, Sun and IBM architectures.

  • IS Engineer II at OnRadio, Inc.

    Administered Windows NT and Unix environments and maintained desktop, email and internet services for internet application provider. Implemented Samba, Solaris/Linux and Windows integration for a company-wide initiative from Windows to Linux production environments.

  • Acting CTO at Soshag, LLC

Kenneth D. Graves's Education:

  • Babson College - Franklin W. Olin Graduate School of Business

    MBA in Finance
    Concentration: Investments
    Activities: Executive Portfolio Manager of the Babson College Fund; Graduate President of the Babson Investment Management Association
  • University of California, Santa Cruz

    Concentration: Classical Latin and Ancient Greek
  • Modesto Junior College

    Concentration: Television Broadcasting & Film

Kenneth D. Graves's Interests & Activities:

Quantitative analysis, data science, data analysis, investing, investment management, finance, business management, macroeconomics, social media, financial analysis, strategy, product development, technology, digital media, golf, online education, philosophy

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